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Fee Protection Service

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Why do we have Fee Protection Service in our practice?
  • HMRC enquiry activity is at record levels.
  • The "Tax Gap" between what should be collected in theory and what has been collected has increased to £34bn
  • The upward trend in the number of enquiries launched by HMRC is expected to continue.
  • Even if your tax return and business records are accurate and the taxman finds no errors accountancy fees can cost thousands.
  • HMRC have been granted wider powers of enquiry carrying out Business Record Checks, Compliance Visits and Interventions covering all taxes.
  • Many Enquiries are selected completely at random.
  • Anyone that pays tax can come under enquiry.
  • An enquiry can take time and be costly to defend
  • Our annual fees do not cover the cost to defend such enquiries.

Features and Benefits
  • No Policy Excess
  • No nonsense policy covering
  • Attendance at any meeting with HMRC

What does the Fee Protection Service include?
  • My Controller will defend you should you receive an enquiry from HMRC... professional defence costs are often substantial.
  • These costs will be covered by My Controller policy.
  • Includes cover for HMRC visits as well as written enquiries.
  • My Controller deals with any claim.
  • Gives you unlimited access to Employment Law and Health & Safety Advice Lines.


Please see below prices for the year, due in advance to the 27th October (pro-rata to renewal date):
  • £180 inc VAT - Limited Company
  • £180 inc VAT - Partnership
  • £180 inc VAT - Sole Trader
  • £60 inc VAT - Private Return
  • £60 inc VAT - Trust


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